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Meet The Henderson Automotive Family

Christine Henderson-Alldread


The self-proclaimed "Brains" behind the operation.  Christine is a master at keeping customers happy while managing the.....unique aspects of owning an auto shop!

Steve Alldread


Mr. Go To, Steve works tirelessly to get the jobs done on time.  Always ready with a smile and willing to put in the extra effort.  Manages to keep Christine on an even keel, a rather important task!



Also known as Mr. Clean, Matt is a master problem solver.  Great at interacting with customers and figuring out why things aren't ticking.  His great asperation in life is to act in commercials.

The Apprentice


Rookie, Rook, Gofor, Kid.......basically Jordan answers to whatever the gang decides to call him that day.  A hard worker  who is willing to learn, Jordan is a great addition to the team.